Book Review: “How to Write a Great Story” by Caroline Lawrence

Please note: I first published this book review on the “Goodreads”-website in 2023.

My rating: 3 (of 5) “stars”

I own a paperback copy of this book, which I ordered through my local bookstore. I first did research on Amazon, then wrote down the ISBN, and then emailed my order to my local bookstore, Stöger-Leporello in Vienna. I do that a lot, and I recommend you do it, too, as it’s important to support brick-and-mortar businesses in your own community. The book was published by Piccadilly Press, which is owned by the Bonnier Group, which belongs to the Bonnier family.

This is a great how-to-book for children/teenagers who want to write mystery/detective stories of their own.

It’s also a great book for teachers who teach creative writing to children/teenagers.

Writers who want to write children’s mystery novels will also profit from reading it, as children’s books aren’t as complex in regard to plot, structure, and character development as mystery/detective novels for adults.

Writers who write mystery/detective novels for grown-ups will find the information contained in this book a bit superficial.

This book was written for children/teenagers, not adults.

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