Book Review: “Structuring Your Novel Workbook” by K. M. Weiland

Please note: I first published this book review on the “Goodreads”-website in 2023.

My rating: 3 (of 5) “stars”

I bought a paperback copy from PenForASword Publishing, which is the author’s own imprint. The book is self-published. You can read an interview with the author, conducted by blogger Christine L. Henderson here.

This book is not bad, but it doesn’t contain a single original thought.

I’ve read quite a few books on the craft of screenwriting, and K. M. Weiland basically rehashes ideas formulated by screenwriting teachers/consultants many years ago.

Read anything by Syd Field (I recommend”The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver“) or anything by Linda Seger (I recommend “Making a Good Script Great“) or any of the many books published years ago by screenwriting consultants.

Weiland bases her advice on the craft of screenwriting, and advises novelists to apply that knowledge to the craft of novel writing. In my opinion, there are differences, which is why I’m not overly impressed with this book.

But if you’ve never read a book about the craft of fiction writing, Weiland’s book is an easily comprehensible introduction.

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