Book Reviews

I publish book reviews strictly for fun. Whenever I link to an external page (an author’s page, a publisher’s page, book stores), it’s a service for readers of my blog. There are NO affilliate links. I do not make any money from book reviews. I do not monetize this blog/website in any way.

I do NOT accept review copies from authors or publishers for free. I would have to report free review copies as income on my yearly tax reports, and that’s just too much of a hassle. I don’t accept freebies of any kind.

I buy all my books personally, receive them as gifts from family and friends, or borrow them from a library. I inherited a lot of books from my mother, who was a voracious reader and interested in many different subject matters.

I try to buy as many books as possible from local bookstores in Vienna, mainly from Stöger-Leporello, where I spend so much on books at my local branch that I get a loyalty discount each year. I buy books from Frick, and Thalia. Shakespeare & Company Booksellers in Vienna’s 1st district has a great selection of English-language books. I also buy a fair amount of used books from or AbeBooks.