Book Review: “The Road to Little Dribbling. Adventures of an American in Britain” by Bill Bryson

Please note: I first published this book review on the “Goodreads”-platform on March 25, 2017. I’ve now decided to publish some of my reviews on my website.

My Rating: 5 (of 5) “stars”

I own a paperback copy of this book published by Penguin Random House.

Bill Bryson is by far my favorite travel writer. In this book, he revisits many places in the United Kingdom which he visited before, often many years earlier. Sadly, many British towns and villages seem to have changed for the worse. Bryson manages to convey his sadness about this transformation, but as always, he does it with humor and affection for his adopted country and her people. Every time I read one of Bill Bryson’s books, I immediately want to pack my bags and follow in his footsteps. Sadly, I rarely do. Luckily, Bryson paints such vivid descriptions of his travel experiences with words on the pages of his books, that the places come alive in my mind – no actual travels required.

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