Book Review: “A Room with a View” by E. M. Forster

Please note: I first published this book review on the “Goodreads”-platform on June 7, 2022. I’ve now decided to publish some of my reviews on my website.

My rating: 5 (of 5) “stars”

I bought a paperback copy of this book, published in 2012 by Penguin Random House.

Originally published in 1908, the book’s story takes place in the early 1900s — “contemporary literature” at the time of its publication.

E. M. Forster tells the story of a young woman, Lucy Honeychurch, who falls in love with the “wrong” man. “Wrong,” as he belongs to a lower social class than she.

This is basically the story of a young woman who, in the end, breaks free from society’s expectations of how women should lead their lives.

Feminist literature, brilliantly written by a man. This story is as relevant today, as it was over a century ago.

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