Vegan Survival Tips for Alaior, Menorca: The Cobblers Restaurant

Please note: This article was first published on The Vegan Tourist and last updated November 4, 2013.

Wow, I didn’t expect that – The Cobblers Restaurant has closed.

I just recently had lunch there – a bare six months ago, on April 28, 2013 – and as I am sitting down to write the review, I’m shocked to learn that The Cobblers Restaurant closed down for business at the end of September.

That’ll teach me to put off writing reviews for too long..

Luckily, the owners are opening a new restaurant at a different address in Alaior, The Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos. They’re set to open in March 2014 (according to a cached Google page), but on their new Website they’re already providing information about a Christmas Day (2013) Luncheon, so check their Facebook site for updates.

This is the link to their new venture’s Facebook page.

Even though The Cobblers restaurant has now closed, I still want to tell you about my visit there, as you can expect similar hospitality from the owners at their new restaurant.

We vacationed on Menorca during the off-season in late April 2013, and stopped by for a “Sunday roast.” For Sunday lunch, they offered a three-course set meal (some options) for 21.95 Euros, but you couldn’t order a la carte during Sunday lunch. Not ideal for a vegan. Nevertheless, we decided to stay for lunch.

I was lucky, as one of the starters was vegan, a delicious tomato soup with basil. There weren’t any vegan entrée options on the “Sunday roast” menu, but one of the owners – whose name I don’t recall – who waited personally on all his guests, was happy to accommodate my vegan needs. The chef made me a pasta dish with broccoli, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and corn. There’s nothing special about a pasta dish, of course, but what was special was the owner’s willingness to go out of his way to accommodate a vegan: “If we have it in the kitchen, you can have it.”

And that’s why I recommend that you visit their new restaurant, even though I haven’t been there myself. Call ahead, if you can, let them know that you are a vegan, and I’m sure they’ll accommodate your dining needs. If you’ve read any of my other restaurant reviews of Menorca, you’ll know that this is special indeed. The owners are British, so there’s no language barrier, and they actually know what the word “vegan” means.

None of the desserts were vegan, but instead of opting for an off-the-menu fruit salad, we asked to take-away one of the non-vegan desserts, so my omnivore dining companion could enjoy it later. I was quite full after the soup & pasta dish, and simply couldn’t eat any dessert.

We had a great time at The Cobblers Restaurant, and I am sorry that it has now closed, but I wish the owners well with their new venture. I’m sure it’ll be a success.

Contact information for their new restaurant, The Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos:

Address: Calan Porter, 07730 Alaior, Menorca

Opening hours: ??

Phone: +34 – 636 – 96 18 91


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