Website and Magazine Review: VegNews

Please note: This article was first published on The Vegan Tourist and last updated October 15, 2012.

If you are looking for in-depth information about all things vegan, one of the best sources available is VegNews.

Just to clarify before you read on: I am not getting paid to write this review. I only promote resources on my website that I love and which I think are useful for other vegans, too.

VegNews is a vegan lifestyle magazine, which is published bi-monthly. Many articles are also published on the VegNews website. You can subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, which goes out to 89.000 subscribers, myself included. Another newsletter, the weekly “Recipe Club,” is sent to 72.000 subscribers. According to the information provided on the Website, VegNews is read by 225.000 people in 38 countries. Both the magazine and website have won numerous awards.

I stumbled across the magazine at a newsstand years ago on one of my trips to New York City. The magazine is sold at stores and newsstands all over the US and Canada, but unfortunately it is not available in Vienna, Austria, where I live. However, digital subscriptions to the magazine are possible (save a tree!). You’ll find subscription information to the magazine here.

On the website you’ll find numerous articles and information about food – recipes, cooking, restaurants, and more. However, that’s not why I love VegNews.

VegNews recognizes that being vegan is so much more than not eating meat or fish. Many foods contain animal products or by-products; these are also used during the production process for a number of foods, drinks, and non-food items. It’s often difficult to figure out which foods and products are vegan. Articles like “Vegan Wines 101” provide much-needed information, which allows vegans to make educated choices.

Globe-trotting vegans will find useful information about many destinations all over the world; there’s even an article about “Pet-Friendly Hotels.”

Vegans strive to avoid animal products or by-products in general, not just when it comes to food, and we don’t want to use products that have been tested on animals, like cosmetics, either. VegNews provides information about many different products and services. Planning a vegan wedding or a vegan birthday party for your kid? Looking for vegan camping gear, sunscreen, or veg-friendly spas? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find some helpful information on this Website, or links that’ll direct you elsewhere, so you can dig a little deeper.

In addition to providing information about vegan products and services, VegNews publishes articles about ethical living. Many vegans aim to reduce their ecological footprints. Some recent articles are“How to Buy Green Bouquets,” “7 (Free!) Ways to Reduce and Reuse,” or “Holiday Tree Solutions.”

VegNews is one of my favourite magazines and one of my go-to websites for information about all kinds of vegan issues, products and services. Check it out and judge for yourself.

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