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Please note: This article was first published on The Vegan Tourist and last updated August 28, 2018.

Every few years, I update my blogroll, and I’m always sad when I see that a blogger has given up and not longer updates his site, or has let his domain registration expire. Once again, I had to cut half a dozen sites from my blogroll, and only a few of the original blogs remain. Time to add a few new ones to my list. I spent all day yesterday surfing the net, checking out vegan blogs, and found a few great ones.  Here they are:

Kristin Lajeunesse has won several awards for her blog, Will Travel for Vegan Food, and rightfully so. She has also written a few books about her experiences as a blogger.

Justin P. Moore blogs on The Lotus and the Artichoke, and he, too, is a published writer. He successfully managed to fund the publication of his first cookbook on Kickstarter, and has since published several cookbooks.

Another vegan travel & food blog I came across and like is Vegan Miam, written by Rika & Doni, who strangely don’t reveal their last names anywhere on their blog. I find that somewhat unsettling, I do like to know who I am dealing with; I would like to know if I am dealing with real people, or if this blog is run by a corporation (trying to influence consumers with fake personalities); it could be run by Russian bots, for all I know. In this day and age, someone somewhere is always trying to influence our votes, our consumer behavior, and our opinions – anonymous blogging just won’t do anymore. So I am little wary about this blog – but they do publish gorgeous photos and yummy recipes.

I quite like A Southern Gypsy, written by freelance writer Ashley Hubbard, as she does not only write about vegan food & travels, but also publishes stories about sustainability issues and vegan activism.

Veggie Visa is a vegan travel & lifestyle blog, written by Randi (no last name). I’m not sure why so many bloggers keep their identities a secret, especially since they are trying to monetize their blogs, but at least Randi does seem to be a real person (not sure about Rika & Doni).

Mindful Wanderlust is written by Giselle & Cody (no last names, I sense a pattern here), and they have won several awards for their blog.

Isa Chandra is written by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who previously blogged on Post Punk Kitchen. She is a freelance cookbook author.

I quite like The Road Not Taken, a vegan lifestyle, food & travel blog written by Nadia Holmes, who also has her own cooking show on YouTube.

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton’s website, The Healthy Voyager, is a vegan lifestyle & wellness blog. She has published a cookbook, and hosts online travel and cooking shows.

I’ll add more blogs to my blogroll in the future, if I like them. There are many more vegan bloggers, but I can’t recommend all of them. Some bloggers are bad writers, others confuse their blogs with their Instagram accounts and publish mostly photos, and some vegan bloggers have such badly designed blogs that it’s difficult to navigate them. I only recommend blogs I personally like.

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