Peacefood Cafe (USA – NY, NY)

Please note: This article was first published on The Vegan Tourist and last updated July 11, 2011. I deleted inactive links on February 24, 2021.

I spent ten days on a research trip in New York City in May 2011, and the Peacefood Cafe was the first vegetarian restaurant I visited. It was a great introduction to New York vegan dining.

I’d spent the morning at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on 2289 Broadway, and the Peacefood Cafe is just one block away, at 460 Amsterdam Avenue (at 82nd Street). When I arrived there a little after 11:30 for lunch, half the tables were already occupied. Clearly, the restaurant is very popular amongst the locals.

The Peacefood Cafe serves strictly vegan food. They strive to use seasonal ingredients and locally grown produce. You can check out the daily specials and the regular menu on their Website.

I’d read about the restaurant in The Vegan Guide to New York City, where the reviewers raved about it. They recommended “The Other Cesar” salad, made from romaine lettuce, tomatoes, smoked tempeh, red onions and crostini, so I ordered it as a main dish. It was delicious, and a great choice. I loved the creamy vegan dressing.

I also ordered a side dish, the “Chickpea Fries” (served with a dipping sauce), which is another one of their signature dishes. The fries are quite spicy and I could have used a bit more dipping sauce, as I was served a huge plate of fries, but they, too, were delicious.

The Cesar salad and the chickpea fries especially were so filling that I didn’t eat any other food for the rest of the day and was still not hungry the next morning.

I also very much enjoyed the ambience at the Peacefood Cafe. Huge glass windows let in a lot of light, and the furniture and décor give the restaurant a Bohemian, almost European flair. Add a relaxed and friendly staff, and you make a (very much) jet-lagged traveler very happy.

In addition to the food, I also ordered iced tea, and my total bill, including tax and tip, came to almost $ 25.00. That’s a lot more than what I would usually spend on lunch. The Peacefood Cafe is a great place for special occasions (and New Yorkers, who seem to be used to those prices), but for many tourists from other parts of the country (and the rest of the world) $ 25.00 for lunch is probably a bit steep. I enjoyed my dining experience at the Peacefood Cafe, but spent the rest of my stay in New York City eating at cheaper restaurants.

Check out the Café’s Website, where they don’t only list the menu but also several reviews, which include great photos of the restaurant and some of the dishes (including photos of the Chickpea Fries and The Other Cesar salad).

Address: 460 Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd Street, Manhattan

Opening hours: not listed on the Website, and unfortunately I didn’t write them down, but The Vegan Guide to New York City lists them as M-F 10am-10pm, and Sa, Su 8am-11pm. I hope they haven’t changed. Call the restaurant, if you want to make sure they are correct.

Phone: +1-212-362-2266


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