Liquiteria (USA – NY, NY)

Please note: This article was first published on The Vegan Tourist and last updated September 19, 2011.

Update February 24, 2021: The restaurant’s website is out of service, Liquiteria seems to be no longer in business.

Liquiteria is a juice bar in Manhattan’s East Village, which also serves breakfast and sells a small selection of sandwiches and soups. Most of the food sold at Liquiteria is vegetarian or vegan. When I visited in May 2011, the only non-vegetarian item on the menu was a tuna fish sandwich.

I read about this place in The Vegan Guide to New York City, where it was described as super-clean, which immediately appealed to me. I have simple tastes and really only ask three things of any restaurant: cleanliness, fresh ingredients, and simple, tasty vegan food. You won’t find me at any fancy, expensive restaurants. I just don’t get the appeal of those kinds of establishments.

At Liquiteria, I ordered a Papaya Paradise smoothie from their “liquid meals” selection (papaya, peaches, bananas, apple cider, vanilla soy milk, and shredded coconut). Tell them to prepare it without the honey, which is usually added to the smoothie. A 20 oz smoothie costs $ 6.45 (plus tax and tips). It’ll fill you up and is perfect as a light lunch.

While I waited, I was also offered a free sample of a Grasshopper, one of their fresh pressed juices. It’s prepared with apple, pear, pineapple, wheatgrass and mint, and was incredibly refreshing. I loved it.

There’s only counter service at Liquiteria,  but the staff is very friendly, which deserves a special mention.

Please note that Liquiteria does not have any bathrooms, and no real indoor dining area. There are a few bar stools and a counter along one of the walls, where you can sit down and consume your food. There are also a few benches in front of the bar. I spent a few minutes sitting there, enjoying the sun, drinking my smoothie, and it was fine; but this juice bar is primarily geared towards take-out service and not a place that invites you to linger.

Address: 170 Second Avenue (at 11th Street), Manhattan

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Phone: +1-212-358-0300

Website: out of service

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