The United Nations needs to be replaced with another intergovernmental organisation

I just read the Charta of the United Nations, and it’s a severely flawed document. The Charta was signed on 26 June 1945. It came into force on 24 October 1945, just a few days after the official end of World War II (02 September 1945).

Russia helped defeat Nazi Germany, is a founding member of the UN, and a permanent security council member. The Charta can’t be changed without the approval of Russia and China, which makes a mockery of the Charta and the United Nations as a whole.

Russia has become the single most destructive force on the planet — meddling in numerous conflicts in Africa, illegally invading Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine in 2014 and again in 2022. Russia should not be part of an organisation which was founded to maintain international peace.

The Charta cannot be changed — so we need a different intergovernmental organisation to replace the UN.

The European Political Community (EPC) initiated by France is a good start, but we need a much bigger forum, which also includes peaceful nations from all other continents.

While I am aware that the United Nations will not be abolished any time soon, power and funds could and should be shifted to a new intergovernmental organisation.

For starters, all UN programs that are funded through voluntary contributions could be moved to another organisation. These are:

UN Development Program (UNDP)

UN Population Fund (UNFPA)

UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

UN World Food Program (WFP)

UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Joint UN Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

That’s quite a list — and it would be a good start to establish a new organisation, which could replace these entities with similar organisations that have the same goals and purposes.

Once this process of replacing the UN has been initiated, and new organisations have been established, governments of various states all over the world would be much more willing to consider replacing the Unitend Nations with another intergovernmental organisation as a whole. Because they’ll see that it can be done.

Right now, everyone seems paralyzed. It’s a big task to replace the UN, and it seems to me that even democratic, peace-loving nations are overwhelmed by the thought of replacing the UN with another organisation. But it needs to be done. The United Nations as an integovernmental peace-keeping organisation has failed. Best to get started.

Would all nations join? Of course not. As we see now, states like India, China, South Africa, Israel, and some smaller states put their own interests first and do not actively oppose Russian aggression in the world. So what? A new organisation can be founded and funded withouth those states. And once it has been established, then “Good-bye, UN.”

It’s time for a new world order: peace-loving, democratic nations on one side, which don’t oppress their own citizens and don’t start wars against other nations; and war-mongering, autocratic, terrorist states on the other side. I don’t see a need for much interaction between these two groups.

It’s a radical idea, but I think it’s time for a radical new approach to how states interact with each other.

I am so sick and tired of old men terrorizing their own citizens, starting wars agains neighbouring countries, and oppressing women all over the world.

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